3.11 #18 - Shipped 5/2/2023

Bug Fixes


Bug 96914: When parsing a record into the system the middle name is sometimes captured incorrectly

Bug 114694: Task & Events | info icon showing up on Calendar


Infrastructure Updates


To ensure amazing performance, Crelate, continuously upgrade our servers and infrastructure as we scale. During the month of April, we completed the following improvements:

  1. Caching Servers - Moved to faster and now entirely dedicated cache cluster (better isolation, more CPU, network and memory).

  2. Search + Reporting Servers - Moving to faster hardware across the cluster. Approximately 20% faster per machine. Upgrading OS. Adding dedicated control nodes for max stability and performance. NOTE: We will be adding an additional server to the cluster in May.

  3. Database Servers - We’ve expanded disk I/O performance by about 25% by moving indexes to a faster disk array. Note: We plan on deploying a new cluster over the summer on hardware that is 30-50% faster.


3.11 #17 - Shipped 4/28/2023

Bug Fixes

Reverting Bug 110861: Applications unable to process via LinkedIn Jobs


3.11 #16 - Shipped 4/27/2023

Bug 114118: Chrome Extension | Some users are experiencing a LinkedIn parsing error

Bug 102444: Chrome Extension | The Record Type Field text overlaps when the user selects multiple record types

Bug 111937: Chrome Extension | Specific user is unable to import contacts as β€œnew”

Bug 109945: Time Sheets - Pay Period field is missing from Time Card queries

Bug 99806: Documents not showing for non-admin

Bug 114084: Submittals | Unable to change the Submittal Template Type

Bug 110980: Jobs - Potential Value is not calculating

Bug 114162: Individual Email on Contact Record cutting off Send button

Bug 114514: Contact Data Enrichment - "Error Failed to Complete"

Bug 114165: Tags | Tags cannot be unassigned from a category

Bug 114657: Date fields are off


3.11 #15 - Shipped 4/25/2023


Bug 113406: Submittals | Bomb error appears when trying to add more than 52 candidates in one org

Bug 99026: Tasks & Events Caching Issue

Bug 112812: When typing a day in follow up it sometimes chooses the wrong week

Bug 113452: Rare case where the user cannot edit a new document type

Bug 95759: Submittal Email Template Bug - Yes/No Field


3.11 #14 - Shipped 4/24/2023


Bug 114674: Plivo SMS numbers that are not mapped cannot be used

Bug 114094: SMS | Specific users are unable to send messages


3.11 #13 - Shipped 4/20/2023


Bug 110900: Job Closed Date is incorrect in a specific org

Bug 114091: Submittals | On 'Add Users to Client Portal dialog' if the name of the user is not entered and OK is selected, an error occurs

Bug 114510: Submittals | Unable to download activity form on Submittal dialog box (org specific)

Bug 113365: Submittals | Upload a New Document allows choosing existing documents to no effect (org specific)

Bug 99437: Duplicate export is exporting the wrong field in some cases

Bug 112990: Reports | Report error when showing Jobs data table with Loss Reason column

Bug 113857: Sequencing | Adding contacts to the sequence displays Recruiting Stage Regarding Opportunity instead of the Regarding Opportunity on the sequence Step

Bug 113842: 2FA | Authenticator setup dialog does not permit copying TOTP secret key

Bug 114075: When clicking the link for companies it loads as a 404 error

Bug 100549: Artifact Quick Filters not working/stacking


3.11 #12 - Shipped 4/18/2023


Bug 113971: Instance where owners were missing from Homepage View

Bug 101614: Contacts sometimes auto-merging when approving in intake

Bug 113405: User is able to set xlsx, pptx , and vcf format files to Resume document type through the activity stream

Bug 113479: Editing Placement is not keeping current owners in a specific org


3.11 #11 - Shipped 4/14/2023

CSS Bugs:

Bug 113000: Submittal Email Screen is sometimes shaky

Bug 114093: Date fields on Application Forms are not saving in a specific org


3.11 #10 - Shipped 4/14/2023

CSS Bugs:

Bug 114045: Unexpected URLs being sent for lookup

Bug 114118: Rare LinkedIn parse error